Through Life's Challenges - "Wellness is a Family Affair"
Frustration and stress can be devastating to our Mental Health
Don't allow life's challenges to keep you from getting the most out of your life:
  Depression & Sadness
     Anxiety & Stress
       Parenting Frustrations
         Loss of a Loved One
               Life Stages
Learn to navigate through the difficult times and gain the tools to grow through and heal from the past!
Services Available:    
A variety of counseling services allows us to meet the needs and preferences of clients in a calming, peaceful, and welcoming environment.  Nevada Medicaid is accepted and a sliding scale based on income is available for cash paying clients.
Minimize the risk of stress-related physical problems
    Individual Challenges:
                Depression and Suicide
                         Parenting& Managing Behavior
                                Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
                                   Goal Setting
Raising happier and healthier children with Behavioral Therapy and improved Parenting SkillsChildren & Teens:
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Dealing with Peer Pressure
  • Social Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Decision-Making
  • Teen Depression & Suicide
Healthier Relationships for Couples, Families, and in the workplace
Groups - Families - Couples:
  • Parenting Skills    
  • Where I’ve Been…Where I’m Going
  • Boundaries
  • CoDependency
  • Relationships for Adults & Teens  
  • Teen Choices
  • Study Skills for Adults and Teens
  • Communication for Adults & Teens
  • Children's Basic Skills Training
  • Relationship Challenges
Did you know?
Change is an opportunity to try something new.
Improve Interpersonal Communication with Couple's Therapy
Anxiety is fear of the unknown and very few of one's concerns ever become reality. Frequently, changing the way a challenge is viewed alleviates the fear.
A major factor of success in therapy is the relationship between client and counselor.
Caring, listening, and encouraging is an essential part of the counseling process.
Each person's method of dealing with stress is a product of years of practice.
Just as unproductive methods of dealing with stress are learned, positive methods can also be learned and adopted.  This can help to minimize the risk of stress-related physical problems.
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